Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Goose Green memorial

A while ago I was speaking to an elderly guy at his home near to where I live in Whitley Bay. He had a photo of a Parachute Regiment officer on his sideboard which I asked him about. He very calmly and proudly told me about his son Captain Chris Dent, A Company, 2 Para who was killed at Goose Green trying to gain momentum in the attack for his battalion. Chris is buried at San Carlos and his family have a memorial just outside their home, one of the seventeen from the battle of Goose Green.


  1. Ah, very cool picture. RIP, and thanks for your service.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Dougie. It's important that the Falklands heroes not be forgotten.

  3. Moving stuff- kind of puts the 'does 15mm go with 20mm' discussions into perspective. RIP.



  4. How any of the A Company group on Darwin Hill got up off their belt buckles in broad daylight against a dug in enemy armed with automatic weapons is a major wonder. Dent was killed leading from the front which is all you can ask of your officers. The hasty attack by A Coy and Battlegroup HQ about 1330Z, 28th May 82 involved 22 men including a Lieutenant Colonel, two majors and four captains (Captains Dent and Wood and Lt Col H Jones died in the attack on Darwin Ridge). They may have been from different social backgrounds to their Toms, but they weren't afraid to shoulder the same burden. Brave men all. Aye, Rusty.

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