Sunday, 3 February 2013


Thought I'd bang a message up to update about my current painting. To be honest works been getting in the way quite a bit recently, I'm currently working solely on a comission for Mutineer Miniatures, I've done some of their 20mm Africans and Islamists as well as some AB Brits, this is all I'm working on at the moment and I'll post some photos soon. The Vapnartak title comes from a fleeting visit I made today to the show in York, I was only there for an hour or so and I only managed a very quick blast round. Mrs R. was shopping in York and I was meeting her for lunch.
As normal this was a good event some nice games and a lot of traders. I had a good natter to Barrie at Timecast and parted with some cash for 10mm Falklands terrain, cracking stuff, and interestingly their 15mm Top Malo House could be used for 20mm, I'll post a pic with a 20mm figure and you can see, as normal their huge collection of buildings and scenics is very tempting, I want a 6mm Stalingrad Grain elevator and I don't know why!
Later, Dougie

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  1. Was at York too- be interested in the Top Malo comparison pic please.