Sunday, 21 April 2013

Salute 2013

I made my yearly pilgrimage to Excel for Salute yesterday and I wasn't disappointed, some really great games and the wallet got hit so all round an enjoyable day.
Game highlights for me were numerous and my favourites were as follows;
Omaha Beach - Some really super terrain from the GMG guys from Kildare featuring Dog One beach and lovely 20mm figures and vehicles.
Dux Bellorum - The Newark Irregulars take on the new Osprey rules of the same name again stunning figures and terrain.
Zombie TV - Crooked dice team delivering the zombie apocalypse to Trafalgar Square with a really clever terrain tile complete with collapsed Nelsons Column and Tube Station, Fantastic!
Dead Mans Hand - Great Escape Games new wild west skirmish system played on a Poker table in 28mm, very clever idea and looked spot on.
Purchases were initially controlled and I didn't go too crazy, first off I stopped by Eureka miniatures, lots of new stuff in 28mm which wasn't even on their website, some cracking Somali Militia and my first purchase of the day a four figure pack entitled "Seal Team 6" now this isn't what they have on the website, its 4 figures straight from Operation Neptune Spear, seperate heads featuring the latest generation of night-vision goggles with 4 tubes, wonderful!
Empress Miniatures were visited and I picked up some additional Brits including the new pack of downed aircrew, these are as usual simply tip top, now some may be horrified that I'm moving from my Afghan 20mm, I'm not these are gonna be a new project for Skirmish Sangin so keep watching!
Whilst at the stand I also saw the new Red Star Miniatures French Foreign Legion Paras for Indo-China. WOW!!! Mr. Paul Hicks has done these and they are Excellent, really capturing the period and flavour, seperate heads with steel helmets, and we can apparently expect other heads with berets and the Bigeard Cap, so they'll cover Algeria as well. Viet Minh are in production
All told an excellent day and looking forward to next year
Later, Dougie


  1. Ive painted the SEALS - very cool figures. Nice haul!

  2. They look good, Dougie. Glad you enjoyed the day at Salute, thought its a shame I didn't get to meet you as I really like your blog. I also saw the French Indo-China range on-line and thought they looked fantastic. I need another period like a hole in the head, but they may well be too good to pass up!!

    1. We'll have to do a proper meet up next year :)