Monday, 11 May 2015

Update, Salute, Ambush Alley and stuff for sale!

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post, due mainly to work on my house, decorators, joiners and the like causing chaos!
Salute was its usual high performing self and without a doubt the highpoint of the show for me was getting to play a pre-release version of "Fighting Season" the new adaptation of "Chain of Command" for Afghanistan and Iraq . The supplement is a collaboration between Rich Clarke and Leigh Neville, who is a friend of mine, and is due out in the summer.
I'm not intending to go into a long winded review of the rules, these are only a test version at the moment, but what I will say is that these are looking to be the system of choice for Afghanistan and Iraq at the platoon level. The collaboration was obviously worked really well, Rich Clarke is one of the leading tabletop wargame designers and Leigh Neville has the up to date military knowledge of systems, units, and tactics that give the feeling that your out there in the irrigation ditches and the heat!
A fuller review will be forthcoming when the rules are released. Its always good to regularly check the Lardies blog for up to date news, the links here, toofatlardies
On the gaming front I've been playing a little Ambush Alley again and the photos below are some recent additions to my 20mm setup. First up are a couple of contractors, figures are Liberation.
A container
A couple of skips
Some Cararama cars, including a repaint into an Iraqi taxi

On the painting front I've started doing some work for sale, the stuff below will be going on eBay very shortly but if you want to make a reasonable, sensible offer for any of the items get in touch. Dougie
 The first is a Confederate artillery stand, this has been on eBay but there were a few issues with the buyer so its available again. 28mm by the Perrys when they worked for Foundry.

A group of 7 Renaissance gun crew, 28mm again by the Perrys when they worked at Foundry.

As I've said get in contact if any of these items interest you, I'll shortly be available for commission work, there'll be a full update on the blog when I kick off.


  1. Nice work on the modern's. I like the taxi. Been struggling to find the 'right' kind of car for an Iraqi taxi, The Audi looks good. I was hoping to find a Opel from Cararama but no luck so far. Fighting Season is eagerly anticipated.

    1. Thanks Mark, you are right to be eagerly waiting the arrival of "Fighting Season" ;) Dougie

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks mate, down to the figures ;)