Thursday, 10 September 2015

"Fighting Season" at Border Reiver 6 SEP15

Folks just a quick post and a few photos on the playtest I've done at Border Reiver of the stonking forth coming set of rules from Too Fat Lardies.
As most of you will know this is an adaptation of "Chain of Command" for Iraq and Afghanistan. Can't really fault it it plays really well and Rich and Leigh have done the necessary changes with perfection. Well done chaps!
I put on a very simple game involving an understrength UK Airborne Platoon searching a compound for a suspected arms cache. The local Taliban weren't happy about this and tried to stop them. Although they had a good deployment and 2 IEDs they made the mistake of allowing the Brits to PID them and got drawn in to a close range firefight were the British superior firepower and tactics cut them up. A coalition victory. Appologies for the photos, the lighting wasn't ideal ! Dougie

The table

Some views of the table before the Brits crossed the startline and it all kicked off

The Talibs deployed 2 IEDs, the Brits detected 1 thanks to a barma team and detonated another, very fortunately this only resulted in Shock to the unit!


  1. A very nice table set up there. I will have to gewt into Modern gaming one day..but I am still stuck in the colonial period..

  2. Very nice looking game you have there Dougie.

    Am looking forward to the rules being published and giving them a read through.



  3. Thanks for the preview. I look forward to the rules as well. I am just starting to get some 15mm modern miniatures painted up and I will be using CoC Fighting Season for the rule set. I have CoC for my WWII and I bet the modern rules will be just as good.

  4. Maybe I missed it, but from which company are those 15mm´s?