Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dougie's 20mm Etch Brass Bar Armour

Used on a Brittania Scimitar

Folks,after quite a few requests I'm doing another order for my etch brass bar armour sheet. The sheet is a generic 1/72 scale etch brass fret with the correct profile. This time its only available in an A4 sheet which has meant the price has gone up, having said that 1 sheet would do probably 20ish vehicles, so for most people you'll only ever need the single sheet. As before I'll need the money up front by PayPal, this order will run until April 30th at the latest with the brass being produced then and delivered within about 2 weeks. The price is £24 for an A4 sheet with postage at cost on top, if you want a sheet contact me with your order and your email address and I'll PayPal invoice you. Dougie

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