Monday 30 September 2013

10mm Falklands update

Well folks, I'm ploughing through my Brits in DPM, I've managed to get the technique down and I'm managing to complete 8 figures in just over an hour, which I'm happy with. When they're all done I'll varnish them before mounting them on the bases.
I've also been looking for a Harrier GR3 for air support, can't find one in 1/144th scale, a Sea Harrier is available by Minicraft and I've toyed with the idea of converting it, just really redoing the nose section. However I've found this diecast by Corgi, now its a little big, roughly 1/120th scale but I can probably live with that, there's a photo below, nicely painted but not sure if I can live with the obvious seam/join line so she might be getting filled and repainted.
There's no weapons either, so a Revell 1/144th Tornado might be getting raided!

Wednesday 18 September 2013

"Three Days in June" 3PARA Mount Longdon by James O'Connell

Received my hard copy of the book this morning and it is superbly produced. As regulars will know its been available for your kindle for a while and the author has produced a limited hard copy edition. It's a hardback book A4 size and has got some really great photos included, Jimmy, a veteran of the battle has visited Longdon since and there are some excellent aerial photos of the battlefield that are ideal to view when reading about the company, platoon and section movements. Without a doubt this is the best description of a Bn action I've ever read and I've read a few! If you have any interest in the conflict you need to buy this book, its available on Amazon for your kindle and if you want the superb hardback book you can order direct from the author on the facebook page, "Three days in June".

Saturday 14 September 2013

10mm Falklands Brit CO stand

For my 10mm CO stand I wanted the 50mmx50mm base to represent the 3PARA Bn Comd moving forward on Longdon. 6 figures , the 2 radio ops are from the Pendraken WW2 Brit Airborne range. They're wearing berets which I've left to add a bit of colour although historically 3PARA were in helmets on London. I was happy enough with the guy on the ammo box, I thought of converting it to a rock but decided against it. The other guy has a large radio next to him which looked very WW2 so I used a bit of green stuff and converted it into a bergan. The look I was after was a Radio op on a temporary halt with the top flap of the bergan open and the radio exposed, hopfully its worked.

Tuesday 10 September 2013

10mm Household Cavalry Scimitars

A couple of support elements for my 10mm Brits, 23C and 23D from B Sqn The Blues and Royals ready for some bunker zapping. Pendraken model very slightly modified with greenstuff scrim and some additional stowage. I've managed to paint on the convoy stripes on the lower rear hull between the tracks and the callsign on the right of the rear turret bin.  Dougie

Tuesday 3 September 2013

50,000 hits

Folks just thought I'd say a big thanks to everyone who's looked at my blog, all the comments help and are appreciated lots of stuff in the pipeline, hopefully work will not get too intense before I retire in June and start looking for a proper job!
All things being well I should be putting a 10mm Falklands demo game on at SmoggyCon on November 23rd and next year there is a chance there'll be a 28mm Afghan set up at Salute.
Thanks again for the support,   Dougie