Sunday 26 January 2014

602 Commando Part 2

4 of the figures painted, these are a joy to paint, you just have to get good castings as the range is so old now! Dougie

Sheriff''s Office WIP

A quick shot of the Battle Flag Sheriff's office I'm building for my as yet un-named town for "Dead Mans Hand". Dougie

Armies of Afghanistan

Here's the link to the Skirmish Sangin Blog with the Armies of Afghanistan project I'm taking part in. Dougie

Friday 24 January 2014

Return to the Falklands

Anyone interested in this conflict must watch this programme! Superb, 3 2PARA company commanders retracing their steps at Goose Green.
John Crossland still got his black hat on !

Monday 20 January 2014

Sangin Despatches No.1

I've had a sneak preview of the above, its awesome, some cracking scenarios that I can't wait to play! The Skirmish Sangin site will keep you posted as to when its available. Top Marks.
Check out the new Skirmish Sangin Blog here:

Whats happening in 2014?

Hi folks,
            thought I'd put an update on with my thoughts for the year, the biggest event really is my retirement from my current career in June this year, my last day is Friday 20th June 2014, not that I'm counting!!!
I'll be looking to do something with my hobby, probably as a business though nothings set in stone yet.
In no particular order here's some of my wargaming projects for this year,

1. "Armies of Afghanistan", this is a project set up by the "Skirmish Sangin" folks and it'll be fully updated on their site so enough said.
2. The Falklands War in 10mm and 20mm
3. "The Walking Dead" 28mm zombies using ZombieTV.
4. "Dux Bellorum" in 28mm
5. "Dead Man's Hand" in 28mm
6. 20mm Africa, Rhodesia and the South African Border War.

As well as finishing lots of stuff off and other things as they grab me !

Here's a preview of some 28mm Zombie stuff, later,  Dougie

A 28mm Hasslefree Survivor

Some walkers

Thursday 9 January 2014

Burntside Hill terrain complete!

Been meaning to post these photos for a while! Dougie
The photo below is looking east over Camilla Creek, Burntside Hill is to the left and Coronation Point is to the right. The terrain measures 150cm x 121cm.

From Burntside Hill looking south over the stream seperating it from Coronation Point, to the left is the track running from Low Pass to Darwin/Goose Green.

Looking north east from Coronation Point

Sunday 5 January 2014

Argentine 602 Commando

My Falklands Terrain boards are now finished so its back to 20mm, specifically Argentine 602 Commando for Top Malo. Here's a nice shot I found recently, the arrow's indicating a sniper rifle.
 The photo below shows a selection of Hotspur/Combat Miniatures that I'll be using for these boys, now I know they're not all appropriate but I wanted to paint up these super figures. Dougie
The primed figure is a yank from the "Urgent Fury" range. The 3 photos below show the kneeling officer type, his head was quite badly mould degraded so I did a head swop and added a slung FN to beef him up a bit!
Head swopped from another figure and the FN added.