Sunday 3 May 2020

20mm Falklands Wildlife/LOS Blockers

Just to add some colour to the table. When you think of Falklands wildlife you think of two things. Firstly Sheep. They tend to be a bit scruffy and dirty.
 After a visit to a model railway shop Model Scene OO gauge Ship and Lambs, however they appeared very thin and 2 dimensional so some milliput fattened them up.

Repainted to look scruffy and based.

Secondly Penguins

The same shop also had some very nice birds from Preiser

 All I had to do was base them!

A little of the old table dressing always helps !

20mm Falklands Out Building/Shelter

A small addition to Falklands terrain, shelter containing a trailer. Helps to break up the LOS!
The shelter is the old Wills Cycle rack and the trailer is an Oxford die cast repainted.