Monday, 8 November 2021

20mm Falklands Terrain Part 4

 Work commenced on the 3 coastline boards, I wanted a section of beach and sea, here's a view from the Islands

Fairly standard so I've got the initial beach colour on, for the sea I'll be using the toilet paper and white glue method 😉

The top part will be terraced to match in with the boards, they were initially designed for a Goose Green scenario with the coastline being Camilla Creek/Brenton Loch but they'll be adaptable.


Friday, 15 October 2021

20mm Falklands Terrain Part 3

 Managed to get the 6 full boards completed, I have 1 with a rock formation on, 2 with streams and 3 plain. More pics below;

One of the plain boards

And a close up of the surface
One of the stream boards
And a close upon the feature

That just leaves the 3 half boards of coastline


Monday, 4 October 2021

20mm Falklands Terrain Part 2

 Well just about there on the Falklands terrain boards, I have 6 500mm x 500mm full boards and 3 500mm x 250mm half boards for a coastline. At the moment I'm just finishing off the 6 full boards, here's some shots of one of the boards, it has a central hill with rock formations.

A close up

And a figure for scale

Happy with the way they are progressing

Friday, 24 September 2021

28mm Peninsula Brits for "Song of Drums and Shakos"

 Finished some Perry Plastic Brits for "Song of Drums and Shakos", this is a low level skirmish game using the "Song of Blades and Heroes" system by Andrea Sfiligoi. Simple, fast playing, fun and inexpensive, currently £7.99 on Amazon. The plastic guys painted as 5th Foot in the Peninsula.

Officer and Standard Bearers

Light Coy Sgt, Centre Coy Sgt and Drummer

16 Centre Coy Soldiers


Light Coy Soldiers

Monday, 23 August 2021

Friday, 6 August 2021

Falklands AAR Night Platoon Attack

 A scenario to run through the night rules in Fireteam Modern. A British Platoon Attack, part of a larger engagement, on an Argentine held Tin Villa out in "The Camp".

The Brits were attacking with a Platoon, in defence the Argentinians Had a couple of fireteams, aGPMG team and a small HQ element. As already stated this was a night action.

Here's a view of the terrain and dispositions

Some other views

The Argentinian GPMG opened up causing some pins on the nearest British section, but not causing any casualties, 2 of the British sections responded causing lots of pins effectively suppressing the GPMG team. The Argentinian HQ element activated and moved across to try and stabilise the team and remove some pins.

The Brit section on the far side was hit suffering 1 KIA and 2 WIA, luckily the Platoon HQ arrived, the medic sorted the WIA and the Platoon Commander and Sgt managed to remove some pins.

The Brits then really got organised and effectively won the firefight on their left flank causing the Argentinian fireteam to break and rout off table. On the other flank the Brit Section close assaulted the Argentinian position causing casualties and breaking them, the remaining Argentinian forces then surrendered. A British victory, albeit with 2 KIA and 2 WIA/Treated. The Argentinians had 2 KIA, 3 WIA, a Fireteam routed off into the night and the remainder including the HQ surrendered.

Once again these rules performed really well and I would recommend them to all!