Thursday 30 January 2020

Argentine .50cal Teams finished

Managed to complete the .50 cal teams, some little details added to the basing, ammo boxes and spent cartridge cases.

Monday 20 January 2020

Argentine .50 cal teams part 2

Work progressing on the teams, with multiple figure bases it's always a little awkward painting in situ so I tend to paint everything first then base it.
the .50 cal and main rocks painted
 I always like a little clutter on the bases, so I've scratched up some ammo boxes, I'll also add spent cartridge cases as well.
 Crew flesh and first stage of the uniform done

Sunday 12 January 2020

20mm Falklands project - Argentine .50cal teams

Back to one of my longest running projects and I'm hoping to concentrate on my Argentine forces. First up are a couple of .50cal teams, Liberation figures. I'm basing them on a single 3 man base with a look of the Longdon positions, so rocks on the base.
What I'm starting with
 For the rocks I'm using some bark stuff I found on line
 The 15-25 refers to the piece size in mm, here's a close up
 I'm painting the crew separately then add them after the bases are nearly done

Saturday 11 January 2020

20mm Winter of '79 Army vehicles

As opposition to the Wallsend Revolutionary Communist Party, I've built my Army unit around a connection to me so, we have the vehicles attached to C Company 4PARA, a TA formation based in Gateshead. The vehicles are heavily weathered to show their hard use status. Saracens are the Airfix kit, the Pig and Snatches are from Sgts Mess. Dougie

The vehicles, went for an urban style of basing, tarmac and bricks
 Sgt's Mess Pig

 Sgt's Mess Snatch with their top cover figures but with liberation head swops

 Airfix Saracen

28mm Grozny Destroyed apartment block finished

Here's some shots of the finished building, I had to stop adding things and tinkering as its so easy to get dragged in to adding more and more details.

Friday 10 January 2020

Tiny Terrain T62

Picked one of these up to use as a captured Chechen vehicle, It's a resin model and very nice quality, here's a shot of the parts laid out
 The only work I decided to do on it was to replace the turret grab handles with wire ones.

 The dushka is a little gem
 I followed my usual painting format that I've been through before, kicking off with Halfords primer

 Used various products from Ammo and AK to finish the beast

 I was initially going to have the vehicle painted with slogans to show its captured status, however after realising it would then be very limited in use I decided to knock up a removable piece of rear deck stowage with a Chechen flag

A really nice kit hopefully Tiny Terrain will do more.

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