Thursday 28 March 2013

Pigtickler !?!

Some figures of Victorian weirdness I've painted for a friend. Dougie
The Umpire and stokers!?!
Some Players

Sunday 24 March 2013

Chain of Command

I'm really looking forward to the Too Fat Lardies releasing their new WW2 Platoon plus rules, "Chain of Command"
Probably better if you check out the you tube videos here
Standard Richard Clarke some great ideas!

Friday 22 March 2013

they sent me to Sangin and I said no, no, no...

Did a short run through of Skirmish Sangin with Andy this morning. It was a small scenario and as it turned out very quick! Skirmish Sangin is first and foremost a very low level system that is rewarding when played with a good narrative, by this I mean you've gotta have a role playing element if you do you'll like it.
Andy hadn't played the game before but its easy to pick up and we didn't encounter any problems. The story's below, read on... Dougie 
Summer 2006 in the outskirts of Sangin, as part of a larger patrol a 3PARA 4 man fireteam are to check a shop trader and follow up on intel. The action takes place on a 2 foot x 2 foot terrain tile, this equates to about 50m x 50m so the engagement is at very close quarters!
This is a view of my breakfast bar pretending to be downtown Sangin
A closer view looking acress the fields towards the store
Andy played the Brits with Sgt Fearon a veteran NCO with L84A2, Watterson an average Tom also with an L85A2, Richards again an average guy with an L85A2/UGL combination and lastly McGarry with the Minimi an average Tom but with a high BODY score. The team were entering the area in the small alley opposite the store in the picture above. I was Terry with Atash, Abdul Bari and Masem all with AKs and in the field opposite the alley. Atash was a veteran, Abdul Bari an average and Masem a novice but with a high BODY score similar to McGarry.
Atash had just been told to expect a patrol of infidels to speak with the shopkeeper, he grabbed 2 other fighters and was waiting in the field right next to the shop relishing the chance to attack the ISAF forces.
My 3 fighters impatiently waiting...
Sgt Fearon and the rest of the team arrive...
The fireteam gets to the alley junction opposite the shop and we go to Combat Rounds. McGarry and Masem activate first in combat phase 1, we roll and McGarry wins activating before Masem. McGarry rolls to spot spending 1 AP of his 3 and instantly sees the 3 Talibs loitering around at the edge of the field, they've obviously become sick of waiting and arn't hidden in cover.
 McGarry spends a further 1AP and brasses them up with his Minimi!

 Both are hit and Andy rolls for damage and being his normal jammy self rolls highly on the 4d10 damage dice killing both Masem and Atash! Because poor Abdul Bari, the novice fighter, is within 12" of this he gets a morale test marker.
McGarry spends his remaining AP and steps back into cover.
Combat phase 2 and Sgt Fearon is activated, he easily spots the hapless Abdul Bari and opens up with his L85. Andy's lucky rolling continues getting 14 on 2d10 killing him instantly!
Game over and I hadn't rolled a dice!!!!!!!

To get this engagement into context you had a switched off group of Talibs standing at the edge of a field when a veteran led Airborne fire team have got to a junction and spotted them. The range was 10" on the table which equals 20metres. Sgt Fearon and his boys weren't gonna miss at that range.
When playing this system, use cover, don't walk around in the open, prone or kneeling if you're stationary and remember a 4 foot square table equals a 100m square block of terrain, if you're in the open and it goes kinetic you're gonna get slotted!

Monday 11 March 2013

More Falklands UKSF

Another 3 for the M&AWC, the figures are left to right, Britannia, Liberation and Hotspur. The middle guy has had a scratch made M79 added. Dougie

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Top Malo House in 10mm

I picked up some of the excellent 10mm Falklands offerings from Timecast at York. The photo below is one of the few available showing Top Malo House in its undamaged state albeit from the 1930s! You do get some photos purporting to be the structure but show a building at Teal inlet with 602 prisoners after the engagement.
Barrie at Timecast has done a cracking job on his rendition of the structure, cast in Timecast's quality resin the chimney comes as a seperate casting. All I've done is base it and paint it.
Later, Dougie