Sunday 26 October 2014

3PARA fireteam number 2

I've recently completed my 2nd fireteam for Skirmish Sangin. The figures are Empress 28mm and once again the designer has excelled, beautiful figures to paint. Same organisation and weapon mix as the 1st. Dougie

Monday 20 October 2014

More 28mm Modern goodness from Empress

Those of you who visit here regularly know how much I rate the 28mm Modern Brit range from Empress and I'm using them for my Skirmish Sangin set up, well here's some of their latest offerings, a cracking mortar team and a useful pack containing a dog handler, a guy "Barmering", a light mortarman and a female medic, also more head packs including PARA berets with a particularly "Aley" tom sporting his cap badge over his left ear, perfect! The sculpter has obviously had correct references! All I really want for their Brit range now is a sharpshooter with the 7.62mm L129A1 and a sniper team with 12.7mm L121A1 Anti-Material rifle and his spotter with a laser rangefinder! Here's hoping! Dougie

28mm SAGA Normans Part 4

3 points of Mounted Hearthguard added and my 4 point starter warband complete. Dougie
4 points of Normans

Monday 6 October 2014

28mm SAGA Normans Part 1

As I mentioned in a previous post I recently picked up a nicely painted 28mm Norman Warband for SAGA. There were enough mounted figures to form 3 Hearthguard units and have a single mounted Warlord. 2 of the 12 knights were command really, a horn blower and a standard bearer and as I wanted a Warlord base, I got a pack of Perry Norman Knights from thier 1st Crusade range which would leave me with a 3 mounted figure Warlord base, which is what I wanted. Of the 12 levy figs, 3 of them were the Gripping Beast armed monks which are nice but I wanted the 12 as archers so replaced them with 3 generic archer figs which I think are Curteys.
All I've got to do is base them, I use 2 pence pieces for the foot figures, WarBases mdf pre cuts for the cavalry and Warlord stand.  Dougie
3 of the bought painted Levy, I've finished the base on the centre fig.
The 3 replacement bows I painted.
The Warlord stand, all I've done is add a Little Big Men Studios banner.

Saturday 4 October 2014

Peace for Galilee 1982

I've been collecting stuff for Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982 since the original Dave Alsop figures came out, about 1989 I think! It'll be in 20mm using my available 20mm Afghan terrain as a starter but with some specific scenery as well. I've got a fair stash of the "Peace for Galilee" range and its still available through Combat Miniatures although some of the castings are a bit ropey now they are still excellent figures, I've also managed to get one of the awesome Cromwell 1982 Centurions which is a super model but like the majority of the Cromwell stuff its a pain to get a hold of! The photo below is a front and back view of a test figure I've painted as an Israeli Para, complete with Glilon assault rifle/M203 combo, the item on his back is a folding stretcher. Dougie

Friday 3 October 2014

Blog update

It's been quite a while since I updated the blog, mainly due to my retirement from work and the number and frequency of holidays I've had to take with my good lady and the boys!
Any hoo major building work has commenced at Casa Robinson and it won't be finished till the new year so I'm hopeful of getting more posts on. On the gaming front I've not done a whole lot but picked up a very nice 28mm Norman Warband for Saga and a unit of Late Roman Cataphracts for my Dux Bellorum stuff, the 28mm Modern Afghan Brits are progressing as well.
To kick off with the Normans are very tidily painted but they were on winter snow bases which were nice but wouldn't go with my Vikings so they've been removed. I got sufficient forces to cover a warlord base, 3 units of mounted hearthguards and a unit of levy bowman.
I very very rarely paint mounted figures and I've knocked a couple of Perry Norman Knights up from their First Crusade range, I followed my normal super matt varnish procedure and I'm thinking the horses look quite dull and lifeless, the ones I bought have a bit of a sheen and I'm thinking I like that look better. There's 2 photos below and I'd be interested to know what you folks think looks the best?
First off is my super matt version
Below is the bought version with horse flesh sheen!
Please post your thoughts but I'm heading toward a satin sheen! Dougie