Tuesday 26 September 2017

28mm Modern UK Platoon finished !... for now

Well eventually got my 28mm UK Platoon finished, albeit some further support to add, mortar, javelin and UAV teams. Having said that it is hard to resist the Empress figures when new releases arrive. All Empress except the sniper from Spectre.
The first photo is a distance shot of the platoon consisting of a 5 man platoon HQ, 3 sections of 2 4man fireteams and my initial support elements. Closer shots below.
 Platoon HQ left to right Platoon Commander, Platoon Sgt, Radio Operator, Medic, JTAC
 GPMG team and Sniper
 Fireteam 1
 Fireteam 2
 Fireteam 3
 Fireteam 4
 Fireteam 5
 Fireteam 6