Tuesday 31 March 2015

28mm South Armagh Street Furniture

A couple of signs I've knocked up in 28mm, I'd already done these in 20mm so making them wasn't too bad. Dougie

That sign

Sunday 29 March 2015

28mm Target Vehicle

An inconspicuous mode of transport for my players was required so after a visit to my local model car stockist I 've ended up with a Ford Escort in 1/43rd scale for £7.99. Dougie
 The Escort out of the box, very nice but far too clean for the border areas.
Dismantled for the dirty up process.
Filter applied and some chipping
Stains and rust marks added
Assembled and wheels dirtied ready for the border areas.

Thursday 26 March 2015

28mm PIRA ASU Finished

These fellas completed and ready for cutting round the lanes and fields of South Armagh.

Monday 23 March 2015

20mm Rhodesian Light Infantry

I'm going to try and get all my painted collections on the blog over the next few weeks, first up are my 20mm RLI boys, the figures are Liberation. These are suitable for Internal Fireforce operations where the guys were in shorts and T-Shirts alot of the time, I've got 3 4 man bricks, and the Allouettes to transport them :) Dougie
Stop 1
Stop 2
Stop 3

Sunday 22 March 2015


Is it me or are 20mm figures gradually shrinking ? I suspect its my eyes! I've been thinking for a while now that any new projects will be getting done in 28mm, I've got a lot of 20's and I'll need to supplement as I go, but for new ventures it's gonna have to be 28. In keeping with this I found some usable figures for low level skirmish stuff in Ulster, they're from the "Geezers" range by Killer B Games, here's the link Killer B Games , these boys are sold as 1970's armed robbers but they'll be masquerading as members of a PIRA ASU. You don't obviously get a wide weapon selection and I've done a small conversion to the player in the middle who was holding a money bag. I chopped the whole hand off and added a new hand in the stop position with a little greenstuff. They're based on pennies and ready for paint. The initial opposition will be Gripping Beast/MOFO from the Falklands range. Dougie

Monday 16 March 2015

"Arc of Fire" and markers

"Arc of Fire" rules are one of those systems I tend to return to and I've used them regularly since they were published. I'm not a big fan of markers on the tabletop and in AoF there are some required but in the past I've tended to just write the various status and conditions on the orbats I produce for the games. This keeps the tabletop clear but you tend to continually be turning figures over to get their ID to check on status, this can get a bit irritating and slows the game down.
As a result I've decided to try using markers and see how it goes. In AoF you're not looking at masses, I'm looking at 3 markers for Tactical Modes for each unit, they display 1 of these 3 states at any one time, and for each figure you need to mark if its wounded or not and lastly wether the figures broken or not.
I use AoF mainly for my 20mm collections which are based individually on metal discs, I've discussed these before, the links here, 20mm Basing discs so I wanted to utilise these for the wounded and broken markers but for the Tactical Modes I opted for Warbases Acrylic marker service, here's the link Warbases
To start off with here's what warbases produced for me, quite pleased, as you only 1 of these per unit they're not too obvious on the tabletop.
I wanted something to blend in on the tabletop for the wounded and broken markers, wounded was fairly straight forward, blood marks but for the broken status I hummed and harred! I considered discarded equipment and other ideas but as  initially I was going to knock out 20 of each so  this may have become a bit long winded. I eventually decided just to use rock formations, this would be more generic and not theatre or nationality specific.
The photos below show the construction. Dougie.
The discs with miliput and talus added.
Attached to a painting stick to ease the process and completed with some tufts added
1 of each marker,m wounded on the left broken on the right.
How they'll look, this insurgent is wounded and broken.

Wednesday 11 March 2015