Friday 19 October 2012

20mm basing discs

Quite a few folks have asked me what I use for basing my 20mm figures. The product's called Premier-Grip paper fastener washers and its, well, a paper fastener. You should be able to get these at a decent stationers or online. The last box I bought was £1.69 for 200, so they're great value! The disc is metal, very thin, which I like, sticks to magnetic basing sheets and its got a diameter of 15mm which for a 20mm figure is pretty much ideal for me. I use these on all my individually based 20mm figures and one's been used on my basing tutorial which is in the figure tutorial section.  Dougie

Thursday 18 October 2012

West Side Boys Part 1

Mutineer Miniatures 20mm pack MAF05 Boy Warriors AK47 painted as West Side Boys, Sierra Leone 1999. More to follow. Dougie

Sunday 7 October 2012

Woodland Pattern Tutorial

A short tutorial on how I paint US Woodland Pattern and its derivatives. The figure in question is a Mutineer Miniatures African Militia Boy soldier. He's painted using my normal tecniques, on a black undercoat. For the tutorial I'll be painting Woodland Pattern on his 3/4 cut off combat pants. All colours are Vallejo Model Color. Dougie.

1. The base colour 922 USA Uniform is blocked in leaving black showing on clothing joins and seams.

2. Apply horozontal blotches of 875 Beige Brown, use references to capture the "look" of the pattern.

3. Apply horozontal blotches of 847 Dark Sand, again use your references to get the "look".

4. The last stage is to add the black "squiggles" that characterises the pattern and you're done!

UKSF Falklands Radio Ops

A couple of additions for my Falklands UKSF, Liberation Miniatures pack SASFALKRAD, all I've done is replace the cast aerial, if you look carefully you might be able to see the yellow electricians tape on the antenna base and aerial ! Dougie