Wednesday 22 April 2020

20mm Argentine Cobra AT Missile Team Part 1

The Argentinians deployed this system on Longdon and a little research brought the basics, there isn't an exact model for the system, however the Soviet Sagger system is very similar. I decided to base the model on a Sagger which is available from a number of manufacturers and I had an Under Fire Miniatures pack from their Syrian range in my stash.
Here's a photo from Longdon showing the missile
The control system also appears to be very similar to Sagger with the operator guiding the missile to its target with a joystick, this is a pick of the Sagger control box.
 The Syrian crew that come with the pack weren't suitable so I checked out my Liberation box and found suitable figures for the 2 man crew.
The prone guys arms needed a little alteration with the joints sorted with green stuff.
That's were we are so far, I'll be putting the team on 3 bases, the missile, the prone operator and the pointing assistant.

Tuesday 21 April 2020

20mm Argentine Infantry Support

This is just a short update to put up my thoughts on support for my Argentine Forces. I've always had a big interest in the battle for Mount Longdon and I've based my support options around the forces defending this position. Without going too much overboard I've decided on the following support options;

  1. 2 x Marine .50cal HMG teams
  2. 3 x .30cal MMG teams
  3. 3 x 81mm mortar teams
  4. 2 x 120mm mortar teams
  5. 1 x Cobra AT missile team
  6. 1 x 105mm RCL team
  7. 1 x Rasit radar team
For each support element I'll do a separate update with details of figures etc., first up will be the Cobra AT missile team.

AAR Fireteam Modern 2020

I wanted to try out this new edition of the rules so used a favourite small scenario from the Falklands War, the raid on Top Malo House. For those who aren't aware of this engagement it happened on the early morning of 31st May 1982 when elements of Argentina's Comando 602 sought shelter in an abandoned farm house to escape the appalling weather. They did this without posting any sentries. Unbeknown to them their activities had been observed by a patrol of the Royal Marines Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre who were posted on the Malo Hills to provide a flank guard for the march of 3PARA and 45 Commando along the coastal plain. The British attacked with surprise, the Argentinians tried in vain to resist, exiting the house which had caught fire and subsequently surrendered, their were casualties on both sides.
This is a small scenario, less than 20 combatants on each side, our game gave the British teams initiative to start then went to the card system. This is the view from the British deployment side with Top Malo House in the distance with peat cuttings to either side and backed by a stream.

An aerial video

The engagement started with the British support teams firing 3 66mm LAWs and small arms fire at the building causing an initial 3 casualties and a fair bit of suppression. 602 got 2 teams out of the building into the peat cuttings at either side for cover and returned fire which caused a small amount of suppression for the Brits. The 3rd team remained in the building and took up firing positions at the windows. The Brits then got the run of the cards engaging the left peat cutting causing casualties, more suppression and a morale check with 602 failed causing them to fall back. In the meantime the house had caught fire the 3rd team exited and took cover in the lee of the building.
As this was happening the Bits had also engaged the right hand peat cutting, 602 put up slightly stiffer resistance here but again eventually began falling back
The 602 team sheltering behind the building motivated themselves and came round to engage the Brits but by this stage the Brits were in a flanking position and hit 602 hard, the resulting casualties and suppression caused morale checks again and 602 surrendered. Endex.

Interestingly this is a very near approximation of what happened in the engagement. 
To sum up this rule set works really well, I'm impressed, don't hesitate to get a copy.

Monday 20 April 2020

Fireteam Modern 2020 edition by Rory Crabb

Folks, those of you that follow this blog will know that I play a lot of Modern games and I've probably got a copy of most sets. For quite a while now my goto set for modern (post WW2) games has been "Firefight Modern" by Rory Crabb. This system is aimed at Platoon level and plays very well. Any how Rory has decided to update it and so we have its latest incarnation, "Fireteam Modern 2020 edition".

For those who play the system the differences are as follows, Activation dice are removed and replaced with Activation pips. This speeds up play and gets rid of the occasions where you can't activate, especially with lower quality troops. At first I wasn't sure about this but I've played a game and it works well, if you're not keen on it you can simply keep the activation dice without issues.
The morale rules have been tidied up as well as close combat, more chance of the losers "bugging out" or surrendering rather than fighting to the last man which I always thought was slightly unrealistic.
The system has been broken up into the rules, army lists and a 4 sided QRS which is easier on the printer ink.
I've just played a small Falklands scenario using the rules and I'll post an AAR over the next few days.
In closing I really rate and like this system if Modern Post WW2 gaming at Platoon level is an interest you should really get these rules, they are available from wargames vault here's the link Fireteam Modern

Thursday 9 April 2020

20mm Argentine Infantry Platoon Part 4

Argentine Infantry Platoon virtually complete. Based on 7th Mechanised Infantry Regiment (RIM 7) who fought on Longdon against 3PARA. Recent research confirmed that they wore green helmet covers not camo so some repainting.
Organisation is a 3 man PL HQ, 3 squads of 10 men and a support squad of 2 GPMG teams. The super bazooka teams have yet to be done.

Sunday 5 April 2020

20mm Argentine Infantry Platoon Part 3

Not a big update 2nd section finished, same organisation as the 1st 😀