Thursday 31 March 2016

Winter of '79

I've been thinking about the "Winter of '79" genre for a while now, mainly thanks to the excellent blog of Mark Hannam and Matthew Sparkes, here's the link Winter of '79 . I'll not go into the premise just go to the linked blog or google it, suffice to say that it appeals for a number of reasons the main one being its a period that's still resonates with me due to my enlistment into the Army.
Rules wise any WW2 to Modern skirmish system will do and there is a recent set published, "Living on the Frontline" available from Caliver Books, that I've just picked up and on first look seen very interesting.
Scalewise its 20mm or 28mm, I think I'll probably opt for 20mm due to the massive availability of figures vehicles and scenery.
Initial thoughts are basing it on Tyneside so we have C company 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Parachute Regiment locally based in Gateshead as well as the TA Hereford Hooligans in Prudhoe. Marxist elements, Loyalist Elements and South Shields Orange Order will also be making an appearance.
Some suitable 20mm figures below. Dougie
A very quick conversion of an RH Models Falklands SAS type in to an "Ally" member of C Coy 4PARA, beret pulled over eyes, capbadge over the left ear!
 The tom painted up, Denison smock and lightweights, to complete his ally look ;)
 A group of militia types, from the left, first 2 are Hotspur, last 3 RH Models


Sunday 13 March 2016