Wednesday 16 October 2013

10mm MILAN and mortars

Just tarted up the MILAN and Mortar bases with some scratched MILAN rounds and mortar "greenies". They're made from plastic rod the MILAN rounds have had the carrying handle added with plastic strip.  Dougie

Monday 14 October 2013

10mm Falklands Basing Tutorial

Hi Folks, I've had a number of requests for a Tutorial on how I've been basing my 10mm Falklands collection so here it is.
First off the look I was wanting to achieve was wet peat, lots of water features, rock runs, babies heads (Tussock grass) and gorse.  I've used Warbases premier mdf bases and gone from there, for water features I've used the mdf base as water level then built up the land with plasticard. A photo of what I mean below.
Right on with the tutorial! Dougie

1. The completed figures are attached to the mdf base, this example is a Brit unit and the base will be without water features so no building up with a plasticard base.

2. A layer of Vallejo Dark Earth basing paste 26.218 is then applied to blend in the figure bases and form the ground. Whilst this is still wet Assorted Woodland Scenics Talus and ballast is pressed into the basing paste. This is then left to dry.

3. The whole base is then given a coat of VMC SS Black Brown 822.

4. The whole base is then dry brushed with VMC Flat Brown 984, followed by dry brushing lightly with VMC Mahogony Brown 846. The rocks are then painted VMC Dark Grey 994, and dry brushed with VMC London Grey 836 followed by VMC Light Grey 990.

5. Gorse is added, I've used Woodland Scenics Course turf medium green, attach with white glue and give it a wash of thinned white glue to seal it.

6. Babies heads tussock grass added next, I've used Silfor 2 tone Early Fall Tufts in varying sizes.

7. The last stage is to add your static grass, this is my own Falklands blend, you need more yellow than green in your mixture. Mines a blend of Woodland Scenics Harvest Gold with Silfor 2mm Early Fall.

That's it your done, most important advice is to look at plenty of photos for reference, I was on the Falklands in 1984 and was expecting it to look green, it doesn't, its much yellower in colour and this is what I've tried to achieve.
Later, Dougie

Wednesday 9 October 2013

10mm Falklands basing

Figures all varnished and attached to bases, as I've had a number of requests as to how I've done the basing next up will be a 10mm Falklands specific basing tutorial. Dougie

Monday 7 October 2013

DPM Done!

Well the 10mm Falklands Brits are now done, they'll be getting varnished over the next 2 days then getting based.
I've included a couple of close ups below. Dougie