Wednesday 21 December 2016

Sunday 18 December 2016

28mm Empress M-ATV Part 1

I'm painting this for a gaming buddy and its the first Empress vehicle I've tried and I have to say I'm impressed, very clean resin castings. I've avoided putting extra details on because it can be quite difficult to stop and the kit's quite nicely detailed anyway. I've followed my usual procedures and I've tried to photograph the various stages below. Dougie

The kit assembled into the basic components prior to priming.
 After priming, I used the excellent AK Interactive OEF/OIF paint set through the Iwata airbrush.
 I use a colour modulation system, first with a darker base coat then the AK colour and finally a lighter colour on the highlights.
 Difficult to see on the photos but you can see it better on the turret.
 A brown filter applied, then a pin wash.
 Some very light chipping, I didn't want a heavily worn look.
 Some light streaking grime added and the details painted in.
 Again a light weathering to the wheels and tyres

Not much to do to get it finished, a couple of whip aerials to add and assembly. Insignia hasn't been added the owner's going to do that himself should he feel the need.