Monday 19 April 2021

20mm Falklands Terrain

 Roughly 8yrs ago I made some Falklands terrain boards for a 10mm game I was organising for a convention. The boards in question were based around an engagement fought by B Coy 2PARA during the battle of Goose Green. Here's a link to the start of the posts, Burnside Hill Game

I'd put tracks on the boards in 10mm scale and I was never 100% happy with the terrain work, I had used static grass, the colour was ok but it didn't look right if that makes sense?

Because of my recent work in 20mm I decided to update them, getting rid of the tracks and redoing the surface texture. I got lots of advice from the below books which are definitely worth picking up if you're making terrain.

Here's some shots of the original boards

The tracks were filled in with sculptamold and retextured with Woodland scenics products, I'm much happier with the result.

Now for some reason the photo below is darker than the terrain actually is.

These shots give a more accurate view of the colour

I'm also ploughing on with the buildings, here's a shot of the initial stages of the rusting procedure.

The start of a sheep enclosure

Back to the ground foam and white glue