Friday 15 October 2021

20mm Falklands Terrain Part 3

 Managed to get the 6 full boards completed, I have 1 with a rock formation on, 2 with streams and 3 plain. More pics below;

One of the plain boards

And a close up of the surface
One of the stream boards
And a close upon the feature

That just leaves the 3 half boards of coastline


Monday 4 October 2021

20mm Falklands Terrain Part 2

 Well just about there on the Falklands terrain boards, I have 6 500mm x 500mm full boards and 3 500mm x 250mm half boards for a coastline. At the moment I'm just finishing off the 6 full boards, here's some shots of one of the boards, it has a central hill with rock formations.

A close up

And a figure for scale

Happy with the way they are progressing