Tuesday 29 May 2012

US Army Civilian Interaction Team

Part of a recent commission, the 20mm Interaction Team from Matt at Elhiem Figures. Excellent sculpts, for the fashionistas, "Bang on trend" in multicam. Dougie

Jug v Dora

"Check your 6!" is a very tidy set of WW2 Aircombat rules I've played for a while. A couple of shots of 1/285th scale aircraft, the Thunderbolt is by Raiden Miniatures and the FW190D9 is by Leading Edge. Dougie

Thursday 24 May 2012

DevGru Command

Part of a recent commission, DevGru Command pack by Elheim, superb sculpts by Matt, in Multicam on a visit to Abbottabad! Dougie

Richard Fondler of the 95th

A 28mm Perry miniatures figure for "Sharp Practice". Dougie

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Temperate DPM Tutorial

In line with the current Falklands flavour here's my Temperate DPM tutorial. The figure is a Liberation Miniatures Falklands Brit SF trooper. All colours Vallejo unless stated otherwise. Dougie

Figure based and primed black, face and head completed.

Camo base applied, English Uniform 921. Remember to leave clothing joins and seams.

Paint on green swirls with USA Uniform 922.

Paint on brown swirls with German SS Cam Blk Brown 822.

Highlight Camo base with Dark Sand 847.

Highlight green swirls with Green Grey 886.

Highlight brown swirls with Flat Brown 984.

Paint on black swirls and the camo is done.

Figure finished, webbing, weapon, boots etc., and some scenics added.

And a close up!

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Falklands weapons

I need to add some M79 grenade launchers and M72 laws to my M&AW Cadre figures for the Top Malo game, knocked them up with some plasticard and brass tube. There's still some work to do, the sights on the M79s etc, the M72s are in the closed position and will be getting slung on the necessary figures. They are quite small and a bit fiddly to do, the photo shows 3 of each, you can get an appreciation of the size from the 1cm grid lines on the cutting board. Dougie

Friday 4 May 2012

Falklands Base Debate

Folks, I've been having some thoughts about my Falklands basing and wether its suitable. The stuff I've done upto now I've used my standard ground colouring and varied it by adding different grass and gorse. The photo below shows a GPMG gunner on the 1st style and an SF type on the second darker base, which do you think looks best? Dougie

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Desert DPM Tutorial

I've had a few requests for a tutorial on how I do Desert DPM well here it is. The figure is a 20mm Britannia British Infantryman with a Benelli L128A1 Combat Shotgun. With all 20mm cam schemes the secret is to get the look of the camo, you need lots of photo examples and with this scheme there's loads out there. My standard tecnique is to clean the casting, base it and prime matt black so we'll start from there, all colours are Vallejo.  Dougie
Based and primed, the flesh has been painted, as this is a camo tutorial I'll not go into that here, you can use any flesh colours you'd normally use.
Uniform shadow colour painted 843 Cork Brown, leave black showing on clothing joins and seams.

Uniform base colour painted 912 Tan Yellow, leave some Cork Brown showing in the shadow areas.
Uniform highlights colour painted 837 Pale Sand on the tops of creases etc.

Paint on the camo brown DPM swirls with 875 Beige Brown, keep checking those references, get the "look" of the camo!

The details painted in, webbing and equipment and you're done. To complete he'll have a coat of gloss poly varnish followed by a matt coat and add some groundcover to the base.

MJ Figures Falklands Brit

One of the superb new MJ Figures Brits  painted as a Marine, just tufts and gorse to add to the base. Dougie