Wednesday 19 February 2020

20mm Argentine Infantry Platoon Part 2

Here's some shots of the Platoon HQ group, a basic 3 man group of Officer, Sgt and radio operator, the radio op is an old Hotspur Miniatures figure, I also got Warbases to knock up a movement tray for these guys.

I also finished this RH Models blowpipe operator

Thursday 13 February 2020

20mm Argentine Infantry Platoon Part 1

I've started work on a standard generic Argentine Rifle platoon for the Falklands War. The force will have a standard platoon arrangement of an HQ group, 3 sections and a support section, and I'll also be having a number of support elements.
I tend to not get too drawn into the paper orbits as invariably on operations and deployment these change because of casualties and personal movements.
I've mainly used  Liberation Miniatures figures by RH Models, I've always liked the style and they are easy to paint.

To start off here's my first rifle section, 10 figures organised into 2 5 man teams, the first team has the section commander and 5 rifleman, here's the team below
The second team has the assistant section commander, a rifleman with the FN FAL heavy barrel and 3 rifleman

For the support section I've gone for a section leader, 2 GPMG teams and a couple of ammunition carriers.

Next up in Part 2 are the Platoon HQ group and the first support element, a blowpipe operator.