Monday 31 August 2015

Rogue Miniatures latest releases Part 1.

Rogue Miniatures are a figure company local to me specializing in single 1 off figures that need no introduction. Have a look at their website here . The figures are very high quality and when I was asked by the owner of the company to slap some paint on I couldn't say no. I have to apologize to Andy for not sorting this more quickly, but my new job, which was supposed to be part time has morphed its way into 40-50 hours a week. Sorry mate, I'm on it now.
The first 3 figures are an unpleasant chap from Eastern Europe/Asia with dark armour continually banging on about there being only one?!?, an immortal guy from Scotland and a John Bormanesque Arthurian knight.

The figures cleaned up, based and primed.  I'm following my usual technique of doing the base before priming and painting the figure.

Fighting Season CoC Patrol Markers and Jump off points - Coalition Forces

Further to my previous post on the Taliban markers and jump off points here are the coalition, same base dimensions

Patrol Markers

Jump Off Points

Some close ups of the jump off points.

The Quad Bike

The Re-supply Trailer

The Prisoner collection point

The First Aid point