Sunday 29 July 2012

Hungary 1945 a 6mm project

I've wanted to game this period for a while, being quite taken with Cold War Commander for Moderns, thought I'd look at Blitzkrieg Commander for the rules and 6mm  1/285th for the scale. I'll be using GHQ for the vehicles, expensive but the best and Adler Miniatures for the figures. Not used Adler before I normally just use Heroics and Ross as the GHQ figs look too large to me.The start of my Hungary 1945 forces. First off is a Soviet Infantry Bn., Adler figures mounted on 30mmx30mm bases. Base wise I wanted a cold, wet, winter look. Dougie

The Bn as a whole

Bn Command Stand

1st Company

2nd Company

3rd Company



Sunday 22 July 2012

Not Mentioned in Despatches

"Not mentioned in Despatches..." by Spencer Fitz-Gibbon, a superb study of the battle of Goose Green. The book is quite difficult to get a hold of but essential reading for anyone interested in Operation Corporate, uncomfortable to read at times but required reading nontheless. Dougie

10mm conversions

Had a bash at turning the beret into a helmet, just a small dab of greenstuff. Pendraken are doing helmeted figures imminently so this may not be necessary. Dougie

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Falklands Company level 10mm?

I was free last Saturday and got to the Pendraken Birthday Bash in Middlesbrough. I've never really considered 10mm as viable for what I game but looking at the new Falklands range I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. The idea would be company or larger engagements, not really doable in 20mm, using the "We'll have to bloody walk" supplement for IABSM by Too Fat Lardies. A couple of photos below of a test figure, the second one with a 20mm figure to appreciate the size of the casting! Dougie

15mm Speed painted ACW

Always fancied a 15mm ACW set up probably using "Guns at Gettysburg", the thing thats put me off is the time to do them. So something new for me speed painting, 48 foot figures and 2 mounted painted in about 4 hours not including the basing! A different technique for me, spray primed white, colours washed on then given an ink wash before very quick highlighting. The figs arn't good close up but on mass they hopefully work! All Peter Pig. Dougie

The boys complete

A couple of close ups

Saturday 14 July 2012

Busy at Work

Been a bit of a long break since my last posting mainly due to work, anyhow back on track now so I thought I'd take this opportunity to post some pics of my modern 6mm 1/285th moderns. All the vehicles are GHQ and the figures are Navwar. Dougie

Commanding Officer Stand

Command/HQ Stands




Infantry Stand