Tuesday 20 August 2013

New books on Longdon

Anyone slightly interested in the Falklands needs to buy these 2 books!
First off a novel following a tom in B company 3PARA, a fictional character in the real engagement,
"A cold night in June" by Sgt Robert Lofthouse.
The second one is simply superb, "Three Days in June" by James O'Connell, available as a kindle download at the moment but there is a limited edition hardback coming soon. I read this in 2 days possibly one of the best accounts of a military engagement I've ever read! Don't think about wether to buy it or not, just buy it!!! Dougie

Monday 19 August 2013

10mm Falklands Brits part 3

This update will complete the painting of the figures, I'm using the same stand of 4 figures so you can see the progression. You need to have your references for the cammo handy, any good picture of British DPM will do! Dougie
1. The stand is given a coat of any spray matt white, then a wash with Vallejo Game Ink (VGI) Black this really brings the detail out and lets you see where you need to paint!
2. The DPM uniform is next, we start off by painting the whole uniform Vallejo Model Color (VMC) English Uniform 921, we then add the green swirls with VMC USA Uniform 922, the brown swirls with VMC German Blk Brown 822. The next part really brings the DPM pattern to life. Carefully highlight the base English Uniform colour with VMC Dark Sand 847 then highlight the brown with VMC Flat Brown 984, the green we leave. To finish off use a Black UniPin pen, size 0.1mm to draw in the black swirls and you're done.
Heres a shot of the pen I mention above
3. Now paint the helmet and webbing VMC Military Green 975. To the webbing we add a layer of VMC Russian Uniform 924, then highlight it with VMC Green Grey 886. To the helmet we drybrush with VMC Reflective Green 890 then a light drybrush with 890 with a little yellow added.
4. Paint boots, gloves and weapons VMC Black 950. Boots, weapon furniture and gloves are highlighted with Vallejo Panzer Aces (VPA) Dark Rubber 306 and the gunmetal with VMC London Grey 836.
5. To finish off the flesh is painted with VMC Sunny Skintone 845, then washed with VGI Skin Wash 93 and lastly highlighted with Vallejo Game Color (VGC) Cadm. Skin 99.

Now only another 68 to do!

Tuesday 6 August 2013

10mm Falklands Brits part 2

Well folks all the airborne pots done from greenstuff, you'll have to look very carefully on the photo! Dougie
Also tarted up the 2 Scimitars a little, all I've added are some greenstuff scrim netting and some ammo boxes on the front fenders made from plastruct. I've stopped here, there was a temptation to add more and more detail but I've kept myself in check!!!
The pucara decals also arrived from AirAlex!