Saturday 11 July 2015

Fivecore Company Command - Falklands 10mm

A few photos of a recent run through of "Fivecore Company Command" using my 10mm Falklands collection. This is a cracking little system and plays well, we had a British Airborne Company of 3 platoons attacking a dug in Argentine position of platoon strength with support. I'll let the photos do the talking. If you're in the slightest bit interested in WW2 and modern regular company level engagements its worth a look! Dougie

How it started, British Company on the left in standard 2 up and 1 back platoon positioning, Alex choose not to position his command element in the middle as I would have but we'd have to wait and see the outcome. I commanded the Argentine Forces of a dug in platoon with .50cal support and Command element.

From the British side

Argentine defenders

The Brits come under effective fire with some pinning, time to get the Company Commander doing his thing

2 platoons in the stream bed putting rounds down!

The platoon forward in the stream tributary hit the .50cal pinning it, casualties have also hit the Argentine Infantry Platoon, they've lost a squad.

After recovering and gritting teeth the British platoon from the tributary close assaults the Argentine .50cal.

At the same time other Brit platoons get off their belt buckles and move forward!

The .50cal now neutralised the assault continues
 Endex the Argentine position taken by fire and close assault.

This is a clever system you've got to really play through it and have a copy of the rules but I was very impressed with the quickness and fairly accurate result. They are available as a download from the wargames vault for the princely sum of $5.99, an absolute bargain, here's the link
Fivecore Company Command