Friday 24 February 2012

Top Malo House

I'm now looking towards constructing Top Malo House. The majority of photos you see of the building are post action after its been destroyed, the engagement basically levelled it, I saw it in 1984 and there wasn't much left then! There is a photo about of the building taken in the 30s, and gives you a good idea of how it would have looked in 1982. I'll be building it from scratch using plasticard but if you're not game for that Card Models by Tony is a company that produce quite neat Card Models in a number of scales including 20mm, check them out here, he does a model of Top Malo as well as other Falklands building including Government House! The service from Tony is superb very quick, I got mine by return of post. Dougie

Sunday 19 February 2012

Liberation News !

Some great news hot off the press from Liberation, Argentine opposition. Dougie

Falklands Brits

Matt from Elhiem Figures has sent me some samples of his superb new Cold War Brits, perfect for going down south ! Code BAOR1, the full section of 8 for £6, an absolute bargain. The section is designed for the Cold War so you get the poor sod carrying the Charlie G as well. What a bitch that was to carry, all 36lbs of it. Check out all the Elhiem Figures goodness here elhiem figures. Dougie

One of the few dramatisations of the conflict, well worth a watch.

Some shots of how I'm progressing with my Royal Marine Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre for Top Malo, mainly Combat Miniatures and Liberation Miniatures. Dougie

There's lots of reading material out there for the Falklands, some of my absolute favourites, "The Falklands War then and now" by Gordon Ramsay, the bible really for photos. "Green Eyed Boys" by Jennings and Weale for the uninitiated a superb glimse into Airborne culture of the late 70's and early 80's, "Razors Edge" by Hugh Bicheno, a very good view of the war with some excellent engagement descritions ans some superb maps. If I was looking to game the Falklands from scratch these would be my top 3 buys, thoroughly recommended.

Friday 17 February 2012

Falklands 1982

One of my projects for this year is to cover the 1982 Falklands War in 20mm using "Force on Force". The initial setup will be for the raid on Top Malo house featuring UK and Argentine Special Forces. To the left is a UKSF sniper with his L42, its a conversion from a 20mm Britannia figure. Dougie

First Post!

I've been meaning to start a blog for sometime but never really got round to it, tended to hang around on forums instead! I'll be using this to chronicle my wide and diverse wargaming interests from 28mm Ancients to 20mm Ultra Modern Iraq and Afghanistan. There'll be plenty of photos and AAR's