Monday 31 July 2017

Rogue Miniatures new releases

The latest stuff from Rogue Miniatures that folk of the 80s will recognise. Dougie

Wednesday 12 July 2017

"Combat Patrol" AAR Raid on Top Malo House Falklands 1982

I've refought this engagement a number of times using different systems. This time me and Alex used "Combat Patrol".
I'll not detail the history here, its widely available, suffice to say that during the Falklands war a 19 man patrol from the M&AWC assaulted Top Malo House which was occupied by 17 men of Commando 602. The Argentine forces did not have sentries posted.
Scenario played in 20mm. Dougie

Here's an overview of the board. 602 deployed in Top Malo House, M&AWC enter from the top of the table.

Close ups of the boards
Figures and cards


To ease play I used a floor plan for the internal layout of the building
 Alex deployed the Brits and began his assault

 After 602 were woken by the assault I tried to deploy my troops outside and into the cover of the stream bed.

 At this point the building got 66'd (M72 LAW) which caused mass casualties to my troops inside, numerous dead and stunned !

 It was probably endex for me at this stage but my troops outside tried to hold the Brits off to no great effect albeit causing some casualties from the ground floor windows by a couple of 66 survivors. Alex close assaulted the stream bed causing more casualties and at this point 602 called it a day and surrendered.

 The system worked well, its very quick with very little consulting rules as virtually all the info is on the cards.
At Endex the Brits had captured the house at a cost of 4 KIA and 2 wounded. 602 suffered 11 KIA, 2 wounded, 1 run off and the remainder surrendered.

Sunday 9 July 2017

"Combat Patrol" rules by Buck Surdu

I've been playing "Combat Patrol" for a while now, its a cracking Platoon level game by Buck Surdu that's driven by cards. The initial game was WW2 but there are numerous free adaptations for other periods including the Falklands.

 I'm not going to give an in depth review here suffice to say that I rate it highly and suggest you check out the website Combat Patrol
If you're in the UK its distributed by the helpful folks at Sally4th and at the moment I believe its discounted, here's the link Sally 4th
Figures are individually based and I've recently knocked up some markers, you can get mdf ones from Sally 4th but I decided to make my own.
Me and Alex are refighting the raid on Top Malo House from the Falklands war on Tuesday at our club Whitley Bay 3D Gamers and an AAR will follow.

The markers are based the same as my 20mm figures and are from left to right, Stunned, Wounded, Out of Ammunition.