Thursday 23 May 2013

Dead Man's Hand

Played this at Salute and couldn't resist buying a deal, ended up with the lawman, there's lots of info on the Great Escape Games page for Dead Man's Hand so have a gander.

 You get 7 figures in the Lawmen box set, I've quickly painted them up and you can see them below. Dougie

Saturday 18 May 2013

Sharp Practice update

I've had a set of "Sharp Practice" by Too Fat Lardies for a while, its a really good set of skirmish rules for the Black Powder period. When I got the rules I knocked up some Perry Miniatures 95th and the only thing thats been holding me up is the thought of painted 30 or so Napoleonic French. Its very easy for me to get carried away painting and spending too much time on them so I thought I'd have a look on eBay. The plan was to look for a French Infantry battalion of about 30figs for a good price, mount them singly and tart them up a bit. I didn't think this would be a particularly easy task but I managed to get a unit of 24 for an extremely good price of about £2 per figure. The figures are mainly Foundry with a few Crusader thrown in and bearing in mind the castings are about a quid a shot the painting worked out at £1 per figure. Bargain!
I won them and then started flapping a bit in case the quality was poor. They arrived very quickly and I'm very pleased with the quality and style. Have a gander at the photo below. Dougie
The photos below shows one of the guys removed from the group stands and mounted on a penny. I must resist doing too much to him!

Friday 17 May 2013

Saga 3pts added

Another 3 points of troops added and starter force now complete. Dougie

Thursday 16 May 2013


I've had a copy of X-Wing for a while, its a fun quick system and the models are quite tasty, its not normally something I'd be interested in but you have to give these things a try. Being my normal tinkering self I looked at the models with a view to tarting them up a little. I didn't want to spend much time so the photos below show an X-Wing that I've spent 10 minutes on, basically all I've done is line out the panels, highlight the cockpit glass and give the engines some pink powerplant glow. I didn't have a pink fluro, I'll have to pick one up, so its just VMC Sunset red highlighted. Dougie
On the left is the model as it comes on the right is my tarted up one.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

10mm Pucara

Folks I've been looking for some time for air support for my 10mm Argentine Forces, Mirages are available in 1/144th scale but what I really wanted was a Pucara, the chances of getting a mainstream plastic kit of this aircraft are I think fairly remote so I started looking online for something suitable.
Theres a small outfit over in South Carolina, USA called AIRALEX that does one ! Now this is a small scale operation and the aircraft is a one piece casting in resin but its arrived today and I'm really pleased with it, its a solid casting and will require some careful painting but Alex has got the shape bang on. It was a little warped when it arrived but a quick submersion in hot water and the aircraft righted it self. On a business side Alex was helpful to deal with and shipping to the uk was no problem, the resin is very light, the whole package only weighing 2 ozs!
Oh and he's also done a cracking little decal sheet as well!
Later,  Dougie