Friday 30 November 2018

Another 10 Chechens

These figures finish off the Chechens from the first kickstarter. Dougie

Saturday 10 November 2018

Next 8 Chechens

The next 8 Tiny Terrain Chechens from the 1st Kickstarter. Dougie

 Close up of a couple of the figures, looking at photos the Russians and Chechens sported numerous camo patterns, the dragunov guy has acquired a Russian motor rifle jacket.

Monday 5 November 2018

"Ultracombat" by Radio Dish Dash

Radio Dish Dash are the folks behind the "Skirmish Sangin" rules system, now I'm a huge fan of that system as regulars will know, everything about it is well thought out and the publications are superb in layout and design. "Ultracombat" is their new system and it looks very very good. The system is currently on kickstarter and if you are at all interested in modern wargaming you need to be backing this set of rules. Lots of info on the kickstarter and facebook so here's the link get backing!