Thursday 27 December 2012

10mm Argentinians

First of the Pendraken 10mm Argies, 2 IABSM "Bigmen", done as a tester, happy enough, I'll be doing some additional bases for CWC so I can use that system as well as "We'll have to Bloody Walk". Dougie

Monday 17 December 2012

28mm Empress Miniatures Modern Brit

One of the superb 28mm Empress Brits painted up for no other reason than they are sooo nice! Dougie
A rear view

Sunday 16 December 2012

Communication Hub finished !

Some shots of the Hub. Dougie
 A shot of some of the bits before they were added.

Saturday 8 December 2012

Communication Hub part 2

Streaking Grime and rust streaks as well as a pin wash added to the container. I now mainly use the great range from AK Interactive

Below are a couple of shots of aerials/antenna for the hub, the top one is scratched from stretched sprue and plasticard, a bit fiddly to do just be patient! The standard rod aerial has been knocked up with micro brass tubing and plasticard.
I've also had a few enquiries about the tecniques I use, you basically can't go wrong with either of the volumes by Mig Jimenez, FAQ and FAQ2
Now these books are quite expensive, worth it but expensive, however Mig wrote a cracking article in Issue 59 of "AFV Modeller" in which he uses and describes the majority of tecniques on a 1/35th Panther II. A link to the AFV Modeller site is below. Dougie

Communication Hub

A communication build over on the Guild gave me a bit of an excuse to return to Helmand, anyone gaming Afghanistan should try and get a copy of "Sketches from Afghganistan" by Matthew Cook the very talented war artist. There's a plate in the book of a shipping container being used as a communication point and this is what I'm wanting to model. The following link shows the image on Matthews site
I got a signed copy of his book for £10 at the National Army Museum and its a must buy !

For the shipping container I'm using one of the Bachmann model railway ones. These are prepainted containers and very well done. The only problem is they look brand spanking new and not like they're sitting in a patrol base in Helmand so they'll need a little distressing and weathering. I'm planning to site the container on a base with the doors open with the communication stuff on view.
This is the container as it comes, nice detail and well decorated.
 First off is to remove the doors, now the containers come in packs of 2, I'll need both as the parts will be damaged when they're removed.
The inside of the container isn't bad but the inside of the doors need some ribbing added with plastruct.
The doors added and the container tidied up.
The unpainted parts were then touched up and then onto the first stage of weathering, getting some chips on using the very popular VMC 822 SS Cam Blk Brown!
Thats where we are at the moment, further updates very soon! Dougie