Wednesday 31 August 2016

"No End In Sight" rules and a small scenario

Been a while since my last post so here's an update on what I've been wargaming. Regular readers will know I've always been quite taken with the systems of Ivan Sorensen and his latest Cold War/Contemporary Platoon level system, "No End In Sight" is no exception. If you are at all interested in Cold War/Contemporary conflicts you need a copy of these rules. They are available to download at Wargames Vault, the link is below;
No End in Sight
If you like accurate results you'll love this system, gamers who prefer gameier sytems probably won't be as keen!
We played out a small scenario from the Force on Force Road to Baghdad book, "The Crown Jewel", which pits a USMC Squad in their LVTP7 executing a "coup de main" at an Iraqi Oil pumping station defended by a Ba'ath Party Death Squad and a unit of Saddam Fedayeen. On to the photos, scale is 20mm and the board's only3'x3' ! Dougie
The set up, the locked compound consists of a large admin building, the 2 pump houses are behind it. The Ba'athists start the game in the admin building and the Fedayeen are in the Palm grove, the USMC squad enters the table opposite the main gate. The Iraqi player needs to destroy the pump houses, The US player needs to prevent this.
 The LVTP7 crashes the main gate the the marines deploy
 The Fedayeen move towards the rear gate
 After entering the compound the track comes under RPG fire luckily it missed!

End of the scenario, the Iraqis tried hard to blow the pump houses but the quality of the US forces showed, the stress mounted on both Iraqi units severely limiting their responses.

 The game coped with the scenario well and NEIS is highly recommended!