Thursday, 8 March 2012

Elhiem US SEAL DevGru

Elhiem Miniatures superb US Navy SEALs, ideal for Afghanistan and Pakistan FATA! Dougie


  1. Hi there ! I love your blog, started reading it a little while ago and love it ! Can you make a tutorial on how to paint this scheme? Or the forest ATACS? i've seen the DevGru models, and I want to make the "Ghost Warriors" from "Ghost Recon: Future soldier" (you can look the scheme on google). It'll be a lot of help. Anyways, keep up the good work, and i'll be looking for updates :D

  2. Also (and sorry for double post) what scale are them? 16, 20 o 28mm?

  3. hello dougie very nice miniatures please post a tutorial to paint seals like yours they look great!.....thanks.

  4. hey i got a question for you please ,, what is in t navy seal back???

    1. A pack containing door breaching equipment, ideal for house visiting in Pakistan! Dougie