Sunday, 22 April 2012

MJ Figures 20mm Falklands

Saw these guys for the first time at Salute yesterday, the figures are very, very nice! 2 packs currently available BF01 and 02, standard Brit squaddies 4 with SLRs and one with an LMG. Very crisply done, weapons good all with attached bayonet, which is a nice touch, ideal for those Tumbledown scenarios! However if you don't want the bayonet on its a simple case of removing it with a craft knife, all the guys are wearing berets without badges so are useable as infantry of your choice. I met Mr MJ Figures for the first time and he's keen to see the range grow, other Brits in the pipeline as well as Argies. Check out there stuff the photos below are 2 guys from BF01.  Dougie

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