Thursday, 6 September 2012

"No Easy Day" by Mark Owen

Got it yesterday, finished it today hard to put down 1st First hand account of Op. Neptune Spear in Abbotabad. Lots of online comments around the perceived security breaches, probably best to read it and decide. Some good kit photos, HK MP7 and 416 and the latest generation NVGs as well as a great set of plans of the target building complex. Time to get the foamboard out! Dougie


  1. Do you recommend the reading ?

    Talking foamboard, I have a published this and the making of on my blog : .
    Kind regards,

    1. Had a good look, superb job Benoit, well done!

  2. Benoit, yup I would reccomend it, thanks for the link

  3. cool sounds like a good read. security breaches even more interesting. I might get it out from the library if it is there. cannot wait for the foamboard to come out