Sunday, 25 November 2012

Target Vehicle!

I've been looking around for suitable 70s-80s civilian vehicles for Ulster, a trip to my local model railway shop brought Oxford Diecasts to light. These are 1/76 scale painted and assembled diecast vehicles for use on OO gauge model railways. Very nicely done £3-£4 a shot and you could use them straight away, of course I didn't do this cause I like to tamper! On a serious note the vehicles are very, very nice but I wanted mine dirty and dull so here's how I did it. Oh by the way I managed to restrain myself from altering the number plates to NI ones. Dougie
A rather natty looking blue Ford Cortina. This is untouched straight out of the box!
A figure for scale
You remove a couple of screws and the car comes apart.
The body dirtied up and a few scratches added, not a fan of clear glass windows so they've had the treatment!
Reassembled and the glass glossed. Ready to transport some players.


  1. Nice work... looks the part also. Also with the police helicopter circling the town I am half expecting one of these to turn up.

  2. Superb work, really looking forward to seeing this project develop with the attention to detail you are putting into your vehicles and sign posts.

    1. Thanks Pat, keep watching. Dougie