Saturday, 8 December 2012

Communication Hub part 2

Streaking Grime and rust streaks as well as a pin wash added to the container. I now mainly use the great range from AK Interactive

Below are a couple of shots of aerials/antenna for the hub, the top one is scratched from stretched sprue and plasticard, a bit fiddly to do just be patient! The standard rod aerial has been knocked up with micro brass tubing and plasticard.
I've also had a few enquiries about the tecniques I use, you basically can't go wrong with either of the volumes by Mig Jimenez, FAQ and FAQ2
Now these books are quite expensive, worth it but expensive, however Mig wrote a cracking article in Issue 59 of "AFV Modeller" in which he uses and describes the majority of tecniques on a 1/35th Panther II. A link to the AFV Modeller site is below. Dougie

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this one Dougie, the wife has bought me FAQ2 for Christmas.