Sunday, 24 February 2013

Commandos 602 Cdo.Coy. Argentine Army Falklands 1982

The start of my 20mm Argentine Forces. Elements of Compania de Comando 602 initially for a refight of the raid on Top Malo House. The 4 figures below are from the very old but very good Hotspur Operation Corporate range. Originally produced in the 80's they are still available from Combat Miniatures. Now these figures are very old and you'll need to check the castings, best way is to get them at a show, they're showing their age and need to be checked, some of the packs I've had are miscast and flash covered, buyer beware. That aside there are some very good figures from the talented hands of the late Dave Alsop.
They're painted up in the Argentine copy of US Woodland pattern, for reference there's a super article in Issue 3 October/November 1986 of "Military Illustrated Past & Present", Argentine Commandos in the Falklands 1982 by Carbral with a colour plate by Paul Hannon, all you need really, Osprey 250 "Argentine Forces in the Falklands" is also useful.
Going off tack a little, "Military Illustrated Past & Present" is not the magazine it was, the first issues were superb, if you can get your hands on any of the first 100 issues of this magazine, the earlier ones tend to be the best, they're worth their weight in gold. Some bang on articles on modern forces, often written by ex-members and illustrated by the likes of Volstad and my own personal favourite Kevin Lyles. Check out eBay and second hand shops worth buying if you can get them!


  1. Great attention to detail Dougie. Even in this scale you define the helmet cover seam differentiating the cam pattern on either half. Superb. Rusty

  2. Very fine work Dougie. I love the face of the guy top left, he looks super determined.
    Would these be rated as elite troops or equivalent to British commandoes?

    1. Thanks Michael, rating wise I'd be looking to factor them as good regulars with whatever system you're using, in "Coldwar 1983" I'd be looking at a bottle score of 8. If you're not a CW83 player thats not much help and you need to look at a copy!
      Historically at Top Malo 602 were hit and miss, the whole unit were inside no sentries or ops, not good at all, once it went noisy I'd say they did ok but a defeat non the less.
      Later, Dougie