Friday, 26 April 2013

Check your 6 Jet Age

I've had these rules a while now and rate them highly.

 I've always been unsure about a scale to pick, the system uses hexs to play on and I decided fairly quickly to go for a 6'x4' Hotz mat Hotz Mats . In this size, to get the necessary 45 x 30 hexes to play on, you're looking at a hex size of 1.5 inches, which is what the author suggests. The scales open would be 1/300 or 1/600. I tried both but for me the 1/300 aircraft just looked odd at engagement ranges, way too close so I saved a ton of money and ended up buying some of the dinky Tumbling Dice 1/600 Aircraft .
The rule book covers the 4 periods I'm interested in Falklands, Arab Israeli, Vietnam and Angola and with the Tumbling Dice stuff being so cheap I can do the lot!
Hotz Mat wise I already had a Green European one which will be fine for Vietnam and Angola and do the Falklands at a push but I've ordered a Desert one and Sea one to cover all terrains.
The next quandary involved bases and attaching the planes. The system requires you to record speed and altitude, now you can do this on the paper Maneuver Charts that you game with or incorporate it into the stand. So I'm not sure wether to use the classy plain Litko Stands or the Forge World Flying Bases . Magnets were fine for attaching the aircraft.
Litko Stand
 Forge World
Attachment, a 2mm magnet from Hasslefree Miniatures Magnets
Attached to a Phantom
On the flight stand

On to some planes, all 1/600 Tumbling Dice. Dougie
Sea Harriers
Skyhawks Air Force and Navy
Super Etendard and Canberra
A Shar letting an Aim9L go!



  1. Nice work Dougie- up to your usual high standards, I'm a Korea and 'Nam man myself.

  2. I have been sitting on these rules for a couple of years now, every time I see someone finishing some planes I keep think "why am I not doing the same!"

    1. Get going, if you use the TD planes they are very easy and fast to paint and you can have a great game with even 1 plane a side. Later, Dougie

  3. A fine air armada there Dougie. Again your technique of using brighter, high contrast paint choices really lifts the 1:600th models. I've not used "Check Your Six" as I settled upon "Air War C21" to rip around the stratosphere. I'd like to read a short AAR should you get the chance just to compare systems. All good things, Rusty

    1. Rusty, I've played C21 its good but I think you'll be very inpressed with CY6JA, 4 Falklands scenarios included in the rulebook. AAR to follow, Dougie

  4. Beautiful stuff there Dougie! I have quite a Korean War stash of TD stuff myself; I need to get to them one of these days!

    For rulea I had planned to use TFL's "Bag the Mig", but may give these a try since you like them so much.

    1. Greg, CY6JA are an excellent set, definately get a copy, they also do a specific supplement, "Air War Korea" which is chock full of scenarios. Later, Dougie

  5. Very cool looking kit Dougie.

    All the best


  6. Very cool minis! What do you paint the black lines with? I prefer C21 to be honest, but I'll check this system. And to base there are some angled bases on "Ninja Magic" webpage. They are for spaceships, but they could work with aircraft too!

    1. Karlos, the black lines are thinned VMC black and a fine brush, thanks for the info on the bases I'll check them out.
      Later, Dougie