Monday, 22 April 2013

Empress Taliban Commander

Folks one of the truely superb Empress 28mm Taliban figures. He'll form part of a 28mm Skirmish Sangin project, this dapper fella is sporting an M65 jacket over his Shalwar Kameez with slung AK and some nice brown loafers from Charles Clinkards. You've gotta love the Empress figures! Dougie


  1. I must agree! Empress and Eureka's moderns are top notch!!

    Great brushwork!

  2. Another excellent figure Dougie. I have taken the plunge into Skirmish Sangin and Afghanistan and this fella gives another big dollop of inspiration. First on my menu is one of the Empress Taliban "Pamir" motorcycles used for "dicking" ISAF movements. Then I have one or two of the Empress Jazz-Age Afghan figures modelled with .303 SMLEs. Having spoken to some of the lads recently returned, Lee Enfields are still commonly encountered as Tally sniper weapons! Cheers, Rusty.

    1. Excellent Rusty, you can't whack the old SMLE, still made in small workshops across the north west frontier.
      Later matie, take care. Dougie

  3. Good to see your painting skills being used on 28mm figures Dougie. They are great figures and you have done a superb paint job on this chap.

  4. Lovely Figure and looking good! I shall have to get the Empress Taliban methinks!