Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mutineer Islamists

Some of the very nice 20mm Mutineer Miniatures Islamic Militia, they're usable in a variety of theatres, all wearing shalwar kemeez and as such I've painted them with matching tops and bottoms which is the way they're worn. Dougie
Pack ISM01 Islamic Command Figures
This is a great pack with a Mullah/Cleric type, a couple of obvious leaders with comms gear, a guy with binos and AK, a mechanic with a nasty looking spanner and lastly a sniper prone with Dragunov. The Mullah has unfortunately lost a hand, probably making an IED, and is suitable for all Middle East scenarios or outside Finsbury Park Mosque.
The sniper in the shade of a tree
Pack ISM02 Islamic Militia AK47
8 standard AK armed Militants, a mixture of either chest webbing or plain.
Pack ISM03 Islamic Militia RPG
4 guys with RPGs

 The boys in downtown Al Amarah, Iraq 2004.


  1. cool stuff. the first lot are really cool, great looking characters.

  2. Excellent output as usual Dougie. These are great character figures. I love your bases where you give the miniatures a context such as the sniper under that tree. Keep up the great brushwork. Aye Rusty.

  3. Terrific, Rusty. I really like them. The sniper and the militias are really top notch.

  4. Very smart- definitely made my wants list.