Sunday, 28 April 2013


Another set of rules I've had for some time and just getting around to sorting suitable figures! Saga is a very clever set of Dark Age skirmish rules available from Gripping Beast you don't need many figures at all, my 4 point Viking starter warband is composed of a Warlord base and 4 units of Hearthguards, thats only 16 figures!
In this period Gripping Beast are the boys for suitable figures so I pick up a box of their plastic Viking Hirdmen and also a pack of metal Ulfednar Berserkers, well you have to don't you? I also got a banner sheet and shield transfers from Little Big Men Studios now these really set the figures off and are very easy to use. Now on to the Figures! Dougie
The Warlord base, figures from the GB plastic Viking Hirdmen box.

Ulfednar Berserkers, figures GB metals
So all I've now got left are 12 more plastic Hirdmen for the other 3 units and I'm done. At the moment they're primed and based so I should get them finished in the next few days.


  1. My lad has started to dabble on the fringes of gaming. He is musing over Vikings or Samurai. These are fabulous figures with your usual impressive brushwork. Locking shields with Saga could provide a cost effective little outing! Cheers, Rusty

    1. Its a clever system Rusty one of those games that appears simple on first look but as you play it the battle board and dice it uses adds a lot to play and it can quickly become quite addictive.