Wednesday, 1 May 2013

10mm Pucara

Folks I've been looking for some time for air support for my 10mm Argentine Forces, Mirages are available in 1/144th scale but what I really wanted was a Pucara, the chances of getting a mainstream plastic kit of this aircraft are I think fairly remote so I started looking online for something suitable.
Theres a small outfit over in South Carolina, USA called AIRALEX that does one ! Now this is a small scale operation and the aircraft is a one piece casting in resin but its arrived today and I'm really pleased with it, its a solid casting and will require some careful painting but Alex has got the shape bang on. It was a little warped when it arrived but a quick submersion in hot water and the aircraft righted it self. On a business side Alex was helpful to deal with and shipping to the uk was no problem, the resin is very light, the whole package only weighing 2 ozs!
Oh and he's also done a cracking little decal sheet as well!
Later,  Dougie


  1. What a great find! I've been giving a 10mm Falklands collection some thought, so I'm following your progress very closely; keep up the great work!

    I don't think the US distributor have the Falklands stuff available yet, so I may just order direct.

    1. Greg I'm sure they'd supply you from the UK, the packs are very light and the conflict isn't vehicle heavy!

    2. Thanks Dougie! I've gone "all in" and ordered up a nice selection of Falklands forces.

      One quick question: I admire the look of your Argentinians; what colors did you use for them? I represents the "used" or "scale" effect perfectly! Also, I'm assuming you painted your UK forces the same way your 20mm tutorial describes - yes?

    3. Het Greg, great choice! The figs/scale are ideal for company/battalion attacks which is what the majority of engagements in the conflict were. I recently picked up some AML90s as well as the new LVTP7 to give a few more scenarios. In relation to the painting, I will be doing a tutorial but to get you started the uniform is based around VMC Russian Uniform, suitably darkened and lightened for shadows and highlights. Get painting! Your right about the Brits, basically the same colours as 20mm, don't get too anal with the pattern as long as it "looks" right.
      Later, Dougie
      Later, Dougie

    4. Thanks Dougie! I'll get cracking on the minis as soon as they arrive. I might even resurrect my long-neglected blog and post some photos!

  2. Looking good out of the box there Dougie. I made the Airfix one a bit back and it was a right pig... looking forward to seeing it with some paint on.



  3. There has been a 1/144th Pucara (& 1/100th IIRC) available from Shapeways for a while now......

  4. You are simply crazy my friend. Love all your different stuff ;-)


  5. Very nice indeed, now the Hereford 1st Eleven can rock up and play "Pebble island" and shoot this thing up. :) Nice model, always nice to see some unusual items on someones blog.

  6. Hello,

    Sorry that I am now just getting around to posting here. I hate to say that the 1/144th Pucaras from Shapeway are better than Airalex. There is a poor picture of them at the bottom of one of my old blog posts:

    Sadly, I still have not gotten around to painting it.