Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sharp Practice update

I've had a set of "Sharp Practice" by Too Fat Lardies for a while, its a really good set of skirmish rules for the Black Powder period. When I got the rules I knocked up some Perry Miniatures 95th and the only thing thats been holding me up is the thought of painted 30 or so Napoleonic French. Its very easy for me to get carried away painting and spending too much time on them so I thought I'd have a look on eBay. The plan was to look for a French Infantry battalion of about 30figs for a good price, mount them singly and tart them up a bit. I didn't think this would be a particularly easy task but I managed to get a unit of 24 for an extremely good price of about £2 per figure. The figures are mainly Foundry with a few Crusader thrown in and bearing in mind the castings are about a quid a shot the painting worked out at £1 per figure. Bargain!
I won them and then started flapping a bit in case the quality was poor. They arrived very quickly and I'm very pleased with the quality and style. Have a gander at the photo below. Dougie
The photos below shows one of the guys removed from the group stands and mounted on a penny. I must resist doing too much to him!


  1. Bargain - they look great! Sharp Practice is my most favorite set of rules.


  2. Looks like a good collection of "campaigning" figures Dougie. I also have a set of "Sharp Practice" hoping to do an Indian Mutiny romp one of these days with Harry Flashman leading a mixed British force. Aye, Rusty.

    1. Yes the mutiny would be good, hadn't really thought of it, old "Harry" is a boy, probably one of my favourite set of novels, get wrong off the wife when I reread them, just sit there giggling, super stuff, the Foundry Mutiny figures were quite nice when I think back.