Thursday, 16 May 2013


I've had a copy of X-Wing for a while, its a fun quick system and the models are quite tasty, its not normally something I'd be interested in but you have to give these things a try. Being my normal tinkering self I looked at the models with a view to tarting them up a little. I didn't want to spend much time so the photos below show an X-Wing that I've spent 10 minutes on, basically all I've done is line out the panels, highlight the cockpit glass and give the engines some pink powerplant glow. I didn't have a pink fluro, I'll have to pick one up, so its just VMC Sunset red highlighted. Dougie
On the left is the model as it comes on the right is my tarted up one.


  1. Excellent. They do look good out of the box, but yours is fefinitely an improvement. I must try it myself, at least adding the afterglow of the engines.