Tuesday, 20 August 2013

New books on Longdon

Anyone slightly interested in the Falklands needs to buy these 2 books!
First off a novel following a tom in B company 3PARA, a fictional character in the real engagement,
"A cold night in June" by Sgt Robert Lofthouse.
The second one is simply superb, "Three Days in June" by James O'Connell, available as a kindle download at the moment but there is a limited edition hardback coming soon. I read this in 2 days possibly one of the best accounts of a military engagement I've ever read! Don't think about wether to buy it or not, just buy it!!! Dougie


  1. Hi Dougie, Well done getting the inside line on these two new releases. Unsurprisingly I share your fascination with Longdon. I look forward to digesting these two books ASAP. Aye, Rusty

    1. Hi Rusty, I can't really describe "Three Days in June" other than to say you simply must read it. It is without a doubt the best record of a Bn. action I've ever read. Longdon is the main interest I have military wise for a whole host of reasons and this book is a superb tribute to the Green eyed boys of 3PARA. Download it to your kindle and pre-order the hardback, release date is 1st September.