Sunday, 5 January 2014

Argentine 602 Commando

My Falklands Terrain boards are now finished so its back to 20mm, specifically Argentine 602 Commando for Top Malo. Here's a nice shot I found recently, the arrow's indicating a sniper rifle.
 The photo below shows a selection of Hotspur/Combat Miniatures that I'll be using for these boys, now I know they're not all appropriate but I wanted to paint up these super figures. Dougie
The primed figure is a yank from the "Urgent Fury" range. The 3 photos below show the kneeling officer type, his head was quite badly mould degraded so I did a head swop and added a slung FN to beef him up a bit!
Head swopped from another figure and the FN added.


  1. Excellent stuff, Dougie. I love the Hotspur figures - they may be elderly (1988?) but they really capture the conflict very well. Looking forward very much to seeing you tackle these.

    1. They are cracking, I think you're right with the age, about 87-88, when Dave Allsop was based in Heaton, Newcastle, he a bit like Paul Hicks is now, never sculpted a bad figure! Dougie