Monday, 20 January 2014

Whats happening in 2014?

Hi folks,
            thought I'd put an update on with my thoughts for the year, the biggest event really is my retirement from my current career in June this year, my last day is Friday 20th June 2014, not that I'm counting!!!
I'll be looking to do something with my hobby, probably as a business though nothings set in stone yet.
In no particular order here's some of my wargaming projects for this year,

1. "Armies of Afghanistan", this is a project set up by the "Skirmish Sangin" folks and it'll be fully updated on their site so enough said.
2. The Falklands War in 10mm and 20mm
3. "The Walking Dead" 28mm zombies using ZombieTV.
4. "Dux Bellorum" in 28mm
5. "Dead Man's Hand" in 28mm
6. 20mm Africa, Rhodesia and the South African Border War.

As well as finishing lots of stuff off and other things as they grab me !

Here's a preview of some 28mm Zombie stuff, later,  Dougie

A 28mm Hasslefree Survivor

Some walkers

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